Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last day to submit!

Reader submissions for our August/September issue are due by midnight Mountain time tomorrow. Here's what we're looking for, if you need a refresher. And yes, you can submit via our own submissions page now!

Looks like we still have a few questions about subscriptions. To recap: magazines left the printer on the 21st and are now being mailed. You should see yours in your mailbox sometime in the next few weeks--let us know if you've not seen it by March 20 or so. (It should arrive well before that!)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

So... what do you think?

New site's up, and we've even had a couple of magazine spottings. Can't wait to hear what you, Dear Reader, think of it all.

(Will it prejudice your opinion if I tell you my husband spent a good half-hour this morning poring over the magazine and pointing out his favorite layouts?)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Help! My subscription has been suspended!

So lots of subscribers have been checking their account status and seeing that it's "suspended." Aack! Are we not going to see our magazines?

No, no... all is well. Here's the skinny from our circulation department:

"If you are checking on your magazine subscription and it says it is "suspended," that's a good thing. "Suspended" means circulation has processed your request for a subscription, that your first magazine will be delivered soon, that your bill will arrive shortly after the first magazine and that once the bill is paid your account will go from "suspended" to active. It's just a routine process to put the second issue on hold until the bill is paid."

So, hey... you heard it here first. All's well... your mag will arrive... and digital scrapbooking will continue to be a positive force in your life.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Show us your work!

We've just posted our calls for submissions for the Aug/Sept issue... exciting stuff. This issue has a special fashion focus, and one of the calls reflects that--other than that, we're always looking for stuff that's seasonal, meaningful and just plain swell.

For this issue, subs are still being taken through the Simple Scrapbooks form. Head on over there, scroll down to the calls and send us your best stuff.

Here's what we're looking for:

Reader Gallery: Send us your layouts on any subject—we'll give special consideration to projects with a seasonal (back-to-school or fall) theme, but all styles and topics are welcome. If there's a special story or inspiration behind your layout, please share that with us as well. Submissions are due no later than Thursday, March 1.

Fashion Flashback: Do you remember your favorite party dress from childhood... the cute pair of jeans you wore all through high school... the bikini that caught your husband-to-be's eye at the beach? What about the darling sailor suit your son wore as a baby or the silk dress your mother pulled out of the closet for every night out with your dad? We're looking for layouts that celebrate the link between special clothes and special memories. Whether it's a purse or a prom dress, a necklace or a necktie, show us the role fashion has played in shaping your life. Send us your design-conscious digital layouts with journaling that tells the story behind your favorite fashion-related memories. Submissions are due no later than Thursday, March 1.

Kick It Up: Calling all tech-savvy scrappers! We're looking for layouts featuring intermediate- to advanced-level techniques with clear step-by-step instructions to inspire our readers. Send us your layouts and instructions no later than Thursday, March 1. Please note that layouts submitted for this call can only be considered if they include complete tutorial instructions and a full materials list that includes your application and any third party extras (filters, actions, textures, brushes etc.) that you used. See here for the kind of step-by-step information we're looking for.

Please submit all work saved as high-quality JPEG files, no larger than 100K each, and include complete materials lists for all. We also ask that you submit each layout in a separate email. Please submit no more than five such emails per call category.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Here comes the first issue! Plus some As to your Qs

Please see end of post for updates from our circulation department.

Wow! The first issue is coming off the presses next week. We've all worked so hard to get this to happen and now the day is finally almost here. It's a relief and kind of a scary thing at the same time... like sending your child off to college and hoping she'll do a good job. Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of the magazine once it's in your hands.

And when will that be, you ask? Our estimate for subscriber delivery dates is around February 21 or 22. Post here when you get yours and we'll see how quickly the USPS is scattering the Digital love around the world.

A couple of you have had questions about the subscription process. Here are the answers I've come up with so far:

How many issues are in a subscription? Six. We're publishing bimonthly, just like Simple Scrapbooks does, and we're alternating months--so you'll have a fresh source of inspiration every month!

How much for a Canadian/foreign subscription? Just add $6 to the overall price for a subscription in Canada or $10 for one in any other non-U.S. country--still a great deal.

Edited to add: Some subscribers have called our office to find out when the first issue would be mailed and told it would not be until April or May. Although the cover date of this issue is April/May, it IS leaving the printer next week and mailing out immediately. Also, several commenters have mentioned not yet receiving a bill for their subscriptions. I've contacted our subscriptions manager to find out when those bills will be mailed and will post here as soon as I find out. Thanks for your patience!

Edited again to add: I've just heard back from our circulation department with answers to all our questions! Invoices for subscriptions will be mailed about one week after the first issue ships, so subscribers should be starting to see bills around March 1st or so in the U.S., a little later in other countries. If you want to check and make sure your subscription actually processed (like maybe if you haven't seen your first issue by March 5th or so?), you can contact our circulation department to check: 877-300-0265 or

Let me know if there's anything else I can answer for you! And keep an eye out for our all-new Web site... coming soon.