Monday, October 30, 2006

Back from MemoryTrends and rarin' to go!

It's been three weeks now since my husband Jim and I hopped into our car and headed for the MemoryTrends convention in Las Vegas. With the rest of Digital Scrapbooking's staff (Lin, Lynda, Renee and April) plus two of our awesome board members (Anna and Jen), I spent three intensely busy days brainstorming, planning, and talking with other manufacturers, retailers and designers about what's new in the industry.

The good news? Not once did I hear anyone express the opinion that digital scrapbooking is not "real" scrapbooking. Yay... we're mainstream! ;) The even better news? Many of the freshest, most exciting new designs at the show were obviously inspired by digital trends and techniques. Brushwork, digital grunge, complex layering... if you've seen it on a digital layout, it was probably on a piece of paper somewhere at the show.

Though we've been getting the magazine up and running for months now, I think everything we saw and heard at MemoryTrends helped to bump our excitement up to a whole new level. The positive response both to the news of the magazine's launch and to the concept of digital scrapbooking in general was just tremendous. Retailers, for the first time I've seen, really seem to want to participate in digital's explosive growth--and I'm thrilled to see so many manufacturers working to come up with ways to help retailers make a bold new step into offering digital product.

Now to harness some of that lingering excitement and get back to work on writing and editing...

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