Thursday, August 16, 2007

Submission preparation info

I had this great question from a commenter:
...On the submission page it says to save our work as a high quality jpeg no larger than 100K. How do you do that? I create all my 12x12 scrapbook pages at 300 dpi. Even after I have flattened my image when I save a jpeg I still have to take the quality all the way down to zero & it's still not 100K. So I guess my question is, do you want a 300 dpi image or is less acceptable? I am a graphic designer but how to make my files 100K w/o saving them at 72 or 100 dpi AND at low quality is beyond me. Could you all shed a little more light on exactly how you want the submission files saved?...
For our submissions review process, we only need low-resolution (72dpi) versions of your layouts. We review them on-screen, so this resolution provides us with plenty of detail. We also don't need the layouts submitted full-size. Submitting a 12x12 original layout as a 6x6 lo-res version works fine for us.

Depending on your photo editing software (I know Photoshop and Photoshop Elements have this feature), you may also have a "Save for Web" command that does a great job of optimizing your image, or making it as small as possible while still maintaining image quality. You should be able to save a 72dpi 6x6 image at 60% or better quality and still get it in under the 100K limit.

If your submission is chosen for publication, we'll ask you to send us a hi-res (but still scaled-down... 8x8 for a 12x12 layout) version of your project.

Don't forget--we also love to see projects such as cards, albums, home decor items or anything else you've used your digital scrapbooking skills to create. For these items, you can submit a clear photograph, sized at approximately 5x7" and saved at 72dpi. If we select a 3-D project from you for publication, we'll ask you to send in your original project for photography. (We'll take extra-special care of it and make sure it returns to you safely as soon as possible.)

Thanks for your question, Anonymous Commenter--we hope to see work from you soon!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Call for submissions for February/March issue

If you've been getting the feeling that love is in the air... it must be because we're planning the February/March issue of Digital Scrapbooking, with a special focus on Valentine's Day and all its romantic accoutrements.

So in addition to our regular "Simply Stunning" and "Kick It Up" galleries, we're putting out the call for layouts about love... all kinds of love! Check it out:

Feature Gallery : The Looks of Love
Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate all kinds of love--from romantic evenings out to tender moments between parent and child. Send us your layouts highlighting love in all its forms... and don't forget to include any special stories or inspiration that give added meaning to your project.

We're looking for something special for "Kick It Up" as well:

Kick It Up: Focus on Brushes
Focus on Brushes: They add shape, texture and interest to layouts. How do you use these versatile tools? Show us your work featuring brushwork techniques from basic to advanced. Include a brief description of how you used brushes on your project. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

* creating custom brushes from photos or scans
* organizing downloaded or purchased brushes
* getting special effects with brush options such as rotation, hardness and scatter

And we're always looking for fresh new eye candy for "Simply Stunning":

Simply Stunning
Send us your layouts on any subject--we'll give special consideration to projects with a seasonal (winter) theme, but all styles and topics are welcome. If there's a special story or inspiration behind your layout, please share that with us as well.

We can't wait to see what you've got to share with us this time! Deadline for all submissions is 11:59:59 (tee hee) p.m., Sunday, August 26. You can submit your work here or, starting Monday, via the Simple Scrapbooks Web site.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Exciting times for digital at CHA

Wow! Our team had a great time at CHA this year, meeting people and seeing new products and chatting about digital scrapbooking with everyone within earshot.

One of the greatest things about this show was seeing how many people--both manufacturers and retailers--are getting really excited about digital and want to know what they can do to market to digital scrapbookers. Retailers want to see you in their stores, and manufacturers want to make products you want to buy. Several companies we talked to are already launching digital versions of their products (Tinkering Ink, Glitz Designs, the companies working with PCLayers) and many others are trying to figure out the best way to get their feet wet with digital.

So--what would you like to see retailers and manufacturers offer you? Companies are ready to listen... what do you have to say?