Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Call for submissions for December/January issue

Phew! Is it summer where you live yet? For our friends along the Eastern Seaboard, this call may offer some much-welcome relief from triple-digit temperatures. We're thinking of all things wintry, now... so crank up the air conditioning, throw some carols on the stereo and get ready to share your best work with us!

All submissions are due no later than June 30, and you can submit your layouts via our online form and your tips directly via e-mail.

Do you have a blog, or do you participate in an online message board? Please feel free to spread the word there. We're always looking for fresh faces to feature in the pages of Digital Scrapbooking! And, if you want to make sure you know when we've posted new calls for submissions, just click the RSS button in your URL toolbar (it should look like an orange and white square). You'll get the latest information delivered straight to your desktop.

Time- and Money-Stretching Tips
With tight-packed schedules and thin-stretched budgets, scrapbooking can seem like an unaffordable luxury. But digital scrapbooking gives you the opportunity to save both money and time while still preserving your family's memories.Do you have a great way to economize on printer ink? A super-fast way to edit a batch of photos? Send us your tips for getting layouts done faster or cheaper. Please note that this is not a call for layouts--we're looking for tips only. Payment is $25 per published tip, and submissions are due no later than June 30. Send your tips via e-mail, rather than with our online submission form. Please include the word Tips in your message subject.

T3: Tips, Techniques and Tutorials
Our hands-on how-to column, "T3," features both cutting-edge techniques from our Creative Team and tips and tutorials from our talented readers. For this issue, we'll give special consideration to submissions featuring winter holiday themes and time- or money-saving ideas.

Here's what we're looking for:
Tips. Have you found a great way to use layer blending modes? A quick fix for less-than-perfect photos? Send us your tips of 50 words or fewer on any digital scrapbooking subject, along with a layout or project that illustrates the tip in action.

Techniques. Busy scrapbookers are always looking for ways to make scrapbooking quicker and easier. Send us your time- and stress-saving tricks, along with a layout or project that shows how you've used them to create.

Tutorials. Send us your projects featuring intermediate- to advanced-level techniques, along with complete instructions for achieving the look. (Check out the step-by-step tutorials in our February/March "Kick It Up" column for an idea of what we're looking for.) Submissions are due no later than June 30.

Heartfelt, Handmade Gifts
Have you used digital tools and techniques to make special, memorable gifts for family members or friends? We'd love to see what you've created. From mini albums to photo mugs, share your creative gift ideas with us. Submit low-resolution photos of the project (no more than 100K each) no later than June 30.

Are You Cover Material?
We're looking for simply amazing reader layouts to feature on our cover. For consideration, layout should have the following:

  • a single large, well-composed photo of one (or, at the most, two) subjects, preferably making eye contact with the camera
  • "only with digital" techniques combined with a clean overall design
  • legible title and minimal journaling
  • seasonal focus—for this issue, we'll be looking for outdoor winter shots, featuring winter clothing and activities.
Please submit no more than three layouts to this call. Submissions are due no later than June 30.