Sunday, January 21, 2007

How decorative!

Oh man... this is killing me! We're running a feature in the June/July issue on home decor projects created with digital tools/techniques... and these things are so lovely I just wish I could share them with you already.

It's so hard to keep a really, really good secret!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Boys


Shot this in our family room last week with the Photobasics kit from Westcott: two lights, a couple of backdrops and a positioning mat (which I didn't use here) all in one easy-to-use package. We're profiling it in the April/May issue of Digital Scrapbooking.

(No, Fisher's not really wounded. Apparently, "[he] was playing with a pen in math class and Mrs. Z. called [his] name and [he] looked up really fast and the pen just went all along the side of [his] face." Uh-huh. And this "accidental" mark proved the perfect accessory for playing Pirates at recess later...)